Total Recall
Paul Verhoeven is, in my opinion, one of the finest directors out there. The way he subverts the surface themes of his movies with subtext is pleasantly puzzling and quite critical in a sophisticated way. After his time in Hollywood he started working in Europe again, directing films of a strikingly different nature. The subversion and intensity, however, are still present.
The one thing the world has to thank him for the most is how he made Arnold Schwarzenegger scream and gargle in the most Schwarzeneggerian of ways in his movie 'Total Recall'. In this spirit of gratitude I illustrated an alternative movie poster for the brilliant adaptation of the Philipp K. Dick story 'We Can Remember It for You Wholesale'.
The opening artificial head is arguably the most iconic scene in the film. I subjected Arnold himself to the procedure, symbolizing the way different parties attempt to mess with his mind and his understanding of the situation he's in.
I also incorporate some of the Mars colony architecture that contributes greatly to the overall feel of the film. There is something irresistible about miniatures.
I am rather fond of the crude cut-out effect of the smoke. It evokes a sense of old-fashioned blue screen effects (back in the day when predominantly blue backdrops were used rather that the green ones that have since taken over).
Total Recall
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Paul Scheruebel