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Changing the World, One Website at a Time
Changing the World, One Website at a Time 

The Goal of the project was to create a nonprofit that would provide support to the community through:
Refugee & Immigration Services
Vocational Training
Spaces to Build Relationships and Community 

Market Research: More than 42% of children in the Houston metro area have at least one foreign-born parent—almost twice the national rate—and by 2050 the region is projected to be 60% Latino or Hispanic.1

Educate: Creating awareness in both our local community as well as in the Greater Houston Area. Educating the communities on immigrant and refugee needs. 
Elevate: Provide job training and higher educational opportunities with emphasis on labor, math, science, engineering, technology, and health careers.
Mentor: Provide a mentoring/educational program and career resource assistance. Build lasting relationships between the community and our volunteers.

Target Audience: In order to be the best resource for our community, at Universal Dream we focus our outbound marketing strategies and communications on our donors and volunteers in the community.  We utilize the  center and community to help communicate our value to the neighborhood.

- Build Awareness: By the start of Q1 of 2021, we will raise  organic traffic to our blog by 15% with increasing our keyword focused blog post content from once a moth to a weekly post.  This will ensure that we boost our organization’s awareness, educate our community, and help identify opportunities for those in need of our assistance.
- Raise Funds: A strong social media campaign utilizing the weekly blog  will help identify opportunities for funding and donations, in order to increase funding by 12% for the year of 2021.  Focusing on keywords and a strong Call to Action campaign will be implemented by the start of Q1 2021.

Website Mock Up:
Above the fold, main pages will have all have a large background image with a short explanation of the purpose of the page.  
Scrolling down will showcase relevant content:
mission statement on “Our Story”
ways to volunteer on “Lend a Hand”.
At the bottom of every page, CTA buttons are included to encourage movement through the funnel towards capturing volunteer information or “converting” on donations

Technology Used:
We Designed the site using WordPress, as it is a reliable and popular CMS platforms
The text is formatted according to best practice using appropriate heading tags.
Pages are designed with User Interaction in Mind.
We made sure all images would load fast and keep a good resolution, keeping them around 100kb
We installed the Yoast SEO plugin. To help us optimize the site content and giving us an SEO score for every page, let us add canonical URLs, redirect links, and help with metadata, following standards, 60 characters for the headers, and 160 characters for the description. 
We developed the sitemap with a clear level hierarchy, uploaded on the main directory of the site, and submitted it to search engines. we also developed robots.txt to inform web bots about which areas of the site should and should not be processed or scanned and uploaded on the main directory of the site as well.

SEO Strategy: Our goal is to implement SEO tactics on the Universal Dream website in order to improve the quality and quantity of traffic visiting our website.  
-Outbound SEO: Generated a list of prospects using SEMrush's Link Building Tool
Email prospects with natural suggestions (ask for links in "top 10 roundups", in informational posts for refugees/undocumented)
Reach out to journalists, content writers
Reach out to broken and nofollow links
- Internal Linking: Optimize internal linking structure with clear navigation from/to pages 
Improve website navigation, define hierarchy, & distribute page authority
Use keywords wisely in the use anchor text, making links as natural to read for the user as possible, using content relevant links, and only using a reasonable number of links.
An improved internal linking structure will help strengthen the search value of a website by providing a better search engine crawl, longer session durations, and more organized network of pages and posts by Q1. 

Content Marketing Strategy: Our goal is to implement Content and Keyword tactics on the Universal Dream website to use Long Tail Keyword Phrases to make the website more discoverable by our three main target audiences, Donors,Immigrants and Volunteers.  

Project slide can be found here:

Project Sitemap can be found here:
Changing the World, One Website at a Time

Changing the World, One Website at a Time