So for my rotoscoping assignment in Drawing in Motion, I chose to work on something that covered two of my obsessions and added a third; Wade Robson, Dance, and Animation. 
The Main Dance Footage was taken from Wade Robson's Power Dance Shoes Advertisement, with much credit given to him and his ad. I drew over the video, in monochrome format, to give it a cutout filter format, but all of them were done on a cintinque tablet by hand. The red slash effects were added on later, in Adobe Flash. The music, not from the original ad piece, is actually Akon and David Guetta's "Sexy Chick" (officially title "Sexy Bitch"). 
My take on my assignment was to take the viewer's attention from the shoes, and show the flow of dance moves, which people who aren't dance obsessed non-dancers like me, will definitely miss out on. 
All in all, it was a successful short piece, which was appreciated by my professor, and my classmates, and greatly enjoyed by me while making it and afterwards!