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This research investigates the growth of political communication of the major Italian parties during the First Republic, starting from the first elections, in 1948, up to the last ones, before the dissolution, in 1992.
The book’s structure focuses on six key elections to cover the vast period by highlighting the main issues on which the political debate focuses, creating insights on specific topics. The high number of images show political communication evolution year after year, highlighting trends, stylistic fields, and new ways to involve and inform citizens.
Throughout the First Republic, the political poster was one of the main tools for political confrontation. Therefore, this research is an archive and testimony of the poster as a fundamental document for the reconstruction of one of the most important historical periods for Italian history, but also a visual heritage of the valuable political graphics in Italy.​​​​​​​
ISIA Urbino Graduation Project
MA in Communication and Design for Publishing
Supervised by Silvia Sfligiotti
190×290mm, 628 pages, ITA, 2019/2020
Research & Design Alessandro Latela
Book & Video Photography Dronaut



Political posters appeared everywhere in Italian cities and spoke indiscriminately to all citizens who passed in front of them. Unlike the politi Read More