We have created a neural network that reinterpreted Russian panelki vibe into unique arts. We also integrated this arts into 3D digital and real apparel.
At the beginning it was an experiment with architectural neural network. We trained StyleGANv2, used official Nvidia tensorflow implementation and wrote an interface to explore network capabilities. 

We selected ten thousand images of post-soviet typical architecture, the AI constructed an average view of “panelka”. This symbolizes for us the collective view of all Russia, we feel it identifies our culture even more than Russian famous decor and so on. 

Then we started to develop our ideas further, getting more and more inspired by generative design. By adjusting the properties of the AI we found out that it can be an independent actor of the artistic process. 
The AI designer is not biased towards any cliché or opinions, it is able to create very unusual and unexpected combinations and ornaments and we started to apply it as placement and allover prints for 3D clothes. 
We analyzed trends in colors and forms, selected the network art graphics, and created a mood board. Then we selected favorite prints from hundreds of AI-generated ones. 
We made a digital collection with silhouettes of clothing and footwear inspired by the latest trends in street fashion. Avant-garde elements are combined with wearable ones so that the image can be disassembled and used in various situations.
Then we have found that we need models for our fashion show. We were searching for some humans pictures that we can rethink and put inside our models base.
Neural art prints, transperensy, digital fleur.
Then we created shoes in Rhinoceros and Blender, and put it on our new avatars. We chose animation for them on Mixamo and made podium around.
Digital clothing is a content, self — expression, and a mask. It can be made from any material imaginable. In this world, we set the properties of the fabric and change the laws of physics ourselves, while a person can "try on" such clothes in a familiar environment and in a photo it will not be distinguishable from the real one. Many people see this as some kind of magic.
Neural network creator – Nikita Plaksin @GAN_PIXELATED
3D Animator and avatar creator – Ksenia Galushkina @HEDROKS
3D Apparel designers – Eva Sviridova @ISVIRIDOVAI 
and Maria Pergusheva @MARIAPERGUSHEVA
3D Footwear designer – Ilyas Darakchiev @ISDKV
Video - Nastya Chernukha @CHERNU.HA
Sound – Vika Severnoe @SEVERNOESOLNCE

SXEMA - Neural network art integrated into 3d clothes