A few logos I’ve done over the years
First stab at a logo for a piercer that makes corsets. I will work on this some more, and I have other ideas I want to try as well. I came up with the name too. Vespidae means wasp. Wasp waisted is another way of referring to corseted. Wasps have stingers that they pierce with. Babe that pierces and  makes corsets. Vespidae+Dame+Vespidame.
Second stab at it.
Logo for a record store specializing in electronic music, Mechanical Graveyard.
Logo for a photographer.
Logo for a band that, well, as you might imagine, smoke a lot of pot.
Logo for a herpetologist.
Caution Point is the recording studio of the PostContemporary label. One of the things they specialize in is locked grooves, or Eternal Opuscules as they call them. They’ve done over a hundred. Primarily a DJ tool, the repeating loop allows the user to concentrate on adding other elements over top.

The design is meant to symbolize a stylus in a record groove.

I always wondered what the name meant. At the top of the stairs leading to the studio is a sign stating “Caution: Hearing protection must be worn beyond this point.” The first word and the last word. Hence the hearing protection symbol as the stylus.
Logo for a TV production company.
Logo for a military K9 tracker team.
Logo for a food magazine. I visited the publisher and while there did up a logo for her. Not having access to any good software, I drew it out by hand. Very rare occurrence for me. Redrew it later in Fontographer.
Logo for a floral designer.
Logo for a radio show.
Just some noodling around. I was doing a lot of work for Paul Sych at the time and had the idea to play around with the name of his studio.
Logo for a metal band.
Logo for an electronica act.
Logo for an industrial designer. Remarkably understated for me.
Logo for my own little (at the time) concern. Using two of my typefaces, Lucas and Cryptonym.
Masthead for a goa trance fanzine. Using two of my typefaces, Sapper and Nephilim.
Personal wordmark for someone whose first name, middle name and surname began with a G. Not only used on his website and stationery, but he also got it tattooed on himself.
Lettering done for a magazine headline.
Logo for a club night.
Logo for a skateboard/skate clothing shop.
Logo for an ambient club night.
Logo for a printer.
Logo for a bow maker, or a bowyer as they are properly known.
Logo for 1200 Records.
Logo for a hack space.
Sticker design for PostContemporary Records.
Logo for a DJ collective/booking agency.
Title for a CD.
Logo for a record store specializing in electronic and dance music.
Logo for a DJ.