Ico Hazarta | Incorrect Rap
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Неправилен Рап / Incorrect Rap
Ico Hazarta is a Bulgarian hip hop artist and one of the co-founders of the famous Bulgarian hip-hop group Upsurt. After 20 years of on stage performances, he finally dropped his first solo album - Неправилен Рап (Incorrect Rap). For the cover of the album we created a bold and rugged calligraphy with the help of the good ol' cola pen. The feel and style of the chosen calligraphy expressed the witty and fearless lyrics of the songs as well as the character of the artist.

Creative direction: Ivaylo Nedkov
Calligraphy: Tsvetislava Koleva
Graphic design: Jelio Dimitrov / Alex Zhelyazkov
Client Service: Vera Schwartz
Studio Photography: Vasil Germanov

Ico Hazarta | Incorrect Rap
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