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    Fun (Free) self-initiated iPhone Wallpapers.
I've moved my shop to make it more simple, easier to maintain & more in context with my portfolio site. It's just a one-pager with Paypal buttons where you can buy my posters and prints: http://www.bamseontwerpt.nl/shop

To celebrate the new shop, I have made three iPhone wallpapers that you can download for free. They're fun, done in two colors and feature folks holding things. If you're like me and keep the last row clear of apps, the little characters peep right through the app icons. Pretty neat!

They come in both iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 screen sizes.

Let's dive right in:


Here we have the mug-swinging-trucker-guy, the messenging-bird-girl and the sandwich-munching-train-conductor. 

Here's a closer look:


Here's some on-screen action:

These were the clean vector illustrations before I tore 'em up with my old laser printer:

Lately I am reminding myself to always start off with pencil on paper, even if the project is going to be all digital. It  gives me a headstart on getting some weak ideas out first before diving into the good stuff. This way I can also see which hands, faces and compositions will work and which won't: 

So, that's it for the little wallpapers, hope you had fun! Please do download them over at http://www.bamseontwerpt.nl/shop and check out my posters too!