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    Story of Old Tippler's Pavilion Written by Ouyang Xiu(Song Dynasty) 醉翁亭記 歐陽修
Story of Old Tippler's Pavilion
Written by Ouyang Xiu(Song Dynasty)
Chuzhou is surrounded by mountains, and all its peaks,trees and valleys at it's Southwest are especially beautiful. What looks very luxuriant in trees and grass, deep and quiet pretty in scenery is the Langya Mountain. Walking six to seven li in the mountain, people can gradually  hear  the murmur of a running stream outflowing out between two peaks. It is the Niang Spring. Winding along the path of mountain ridges, people can find a pavilion close to the spring like the wings of birds. It is Old Tipper's Pavilion. Who did it? He is Zhixian, the Buddhist monk in the mountain. Who named it? He is the prefecture chief by his alias. The prefecture chief coming here and drinking together with his visitors, he is always drunk after only drinking a little and his age is the oldest in all. So he often called himself the Old Tippler. The Old Tippler's delight does not reside in wine but in the mountains and waters. he holds the joy of mountains and waters in his heart and finds the expression to it in wine.