DSIRF - Security innovation
3D Motion
After Effects
Milkinside was asked to figure out how to tell a brand story about innovation in encryption technology. We used world-building in CGI to tell an emotional, visual story about technology that is invisible to the naked eye. Watch and *feel* that “encrypted communication” is a high tech luxury service.

Client: Guardian (Vienna, Austria)
Production: Milkinside
Design Director: Gleb Kuznetsov
Producer: Kevin Davis 
CG Supervisor: Alexey Churochkin
Motion designers:  Egor Levkin, Phil Bonum, Madina Fattakhova, Alexander Eskin, Alexey Churochkin, Vitaly Babich 
Music & SFX: Smider

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DSIRF - Security innovation
Multiple Owners
Alexey Churochkin