PLEXUS - protection gear with aesthetics and utility.

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  • PLEXUS - protection gear with aesthetics and utility.
    Plexus, protection gear for skateboarders, has been designed keeping various context into consideration that include:

    Inspired by organic shapes and conceptualizing the project according to the safety requirements for skateboarders, as they do not use protection gear, firstly because most of the protection gear available in the market are not aesthetically appealing, and as skateboarding is a cool sport, it needs that X-factor and secondly because it needs a fast approach to wearing and removing of the gear.
    Solving this little problem, a range of protection gear for skateboarders, PLEXUS, including knee support, elbow support and head support, has been conceptualized and designed in order to create a form that has function along with aesthetics using the best possible material and manufacturing process of the latest 3D printable and customization design era.