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    Made for Touching.
  • Full color, tri-fold product brochure for the Tony Duquette by Remains Lighting line of light fixtures.
  • Complete panels of the brochure, including line-card with hand drawn fixture illustrations.
  • Sample full page ad, image composite for Ricky's NYC
  • Remains was originally started as a small architectural salvage company, specializing in antique restoration, with a clientele interested in largely classically styled product. By 2009 they had successfully metamorphosed into a progressive, ecologically-minded lighting manufacturer with an entire line of original fixtures, many of the most popular being of modern, minimalist design. Realizing that their now outdated stationary - with off-whites, reserved fonts and muted colors - was in need of a serious personality boost, I stepped in to pump up their persona.

    Inspired by the spontaneous decision to paint the front door of Remains' flagship showroom bright salmon pink, this color was adopted as the sassy Remains accent color, and the entire stationary was redesigned using a simple, bold-yet-classic color palette, as well as FSC certified, recycled, crisp white paper stocks, and a simple yet modern font family. This combination of modern classic style and sustainable production mirrors the entire Remains Lighting manufacturing vision.

  • Remains Lighting 2008/2009 Permanent Collection catalog was the first full-color, printed product book the company had ever produced. By this time their exclusive line of meticulously designed fixtures was large enough that it warranted its own showcase. This catalog was designed shortly after the overhaul of their stationary and identity, and aimed to reflect the exacting and enticing selection of products they offered in a package that was both useful and eye-catching. Many interior designers have work tables strewn with piles of catalogs, binders, plans and papers, and our catalog was determined to stand out among every other item in our clients' offices..
  • VIP invitation to the launch party of the Tony Duquette by Remains Lighting collection or lighting fixtures. This line of richly whimsical chandeliers, sconces and lamps was a huge design shift from Remains' largely classical or starkly modern style of fixtures, and our invitations needed to embody this same luxurious flair.
  • Close-up of the invitation, printed 1/1 on fabulous, iridecent gold GMUND paper stock and mounted on board for an extra thick weight, these invitations shimmered like a chandelier and felt like a sheet of brass or a bar of gold (yet were still light enough to mail with standard postage weights).
  • "Meat Girls" tote bag, hand silk screened myself, made from a graphic originally created for a concert poster. For the absurd carnivore who thinks meat should have more personality.
  • Blank-backed cards designed for a baby shower, in which guests wrote life advice to be read to the baby each year of its life
  • Reusable steel water bottles designed as wedding favors, designed to match other printed wedding announcement materials.