Summer 2008. The presidential campaigns were in full swing. Coal was dirty.
But our client, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) wanted the world to know that coal is a big source for the world's enery, that it keeps electricity costs low, and that it plays an important part in our economic recovery here in the US.  But that we have to continue making coal a cleaner option through new technology as well.
So we developed a media takeover at both conventions and plastered Denver and Minneapolis with all the things that Clean Coal means. From the airport to the streets, from transit to publications to branded Segway scooters, the message was everywhere. And Clean Coal as a topic made it into the speeches of both presidential candidates.
Mission accomplished.
CD/AD: Donald Bullach   |   ECD/Writer: Kipp Monroe   |   Media: Missy Lieber
Agency: White+Partners