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    This campaign was presented as part of a pitch to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has had an image problem recently. Delays, accidents, broken equipment, etc. have caused them to have far more negative press than positive.  And while they needed to make big improvements, on the surface those could take the form of more headaches for their nearly 1.5 million daily riders. So when we developed a pitch campaign for them we realized that they needed to highlight all the things that were actully being done to make things better, and to do it in a bold, graphic way that would get people's attention. 
The nubers aren't based on any real statistics, and (unfortunately) the campaign never ran. But if METRO ever wanted to show people how much progress they were making ... this is how they could do it.
CD/AD: Donald Bullach   |   CD/CW: Matt Walker   |   ECD: Kipp Monroe
Agency: White+Partners