Albert Serra & Co. Societat Il·limitada

Albert Serra & Co. Societat Il·limitada
documentary - 62' (2013)
“Serra & Co. Societat Il·limitada” enters into the private world of a film director who is totally unique, and that's not a cliché. Albert Serra works with total freedom and voluntary radicalism, with practically no script. Once he gets an idea in his head he propels and builds films that, in one way or another, can be connected with the work of directors such as Pasolini, Costa, Godard, Fassbinder, Mirror or even with artists such as Dalí or Warhol.
Along with him we enter his own independent cinematographic team and his recent shootings: 'Story of My Death' (winner of 2013 Golden Leopard in Locarno Film Fest) and 'The Three Little Pigs' (a 101 hours movie shooted and exhibited during Documenta 2012 in Kassel), a deep dive into his controlled chaos - or chaotic control - to discover how he directs his movies - always standing on the thin line between cinematography and contemporary art.
“Serra & Co. Societat Il·limitada” does not just show up Serra's works, but also turns on the lights on an incredible teamwork, made by a very unique group of people leaded by the instinct and genius of a director, an intellectual, who does not mince his words when it is time to express his own way of thinking. Albert Serra put together, both on and off the screen, a "cinema family" that has its roots in the Catalan village where he was born, Banyoles.

A unique group whose special understanding and past experience are transposed onto the screen. A magical world full of spontaneity, but at the same time, risen from the constant recreation that makes the magic reappear in the final artefact. 

direction and screenplay:  CAROLINA TUBAU
director of photography:  DIDAC CRISTÒFOL     

editing and post-production:  LIANA ARTIGAL i ALESSANDRO LO CASCIO

production: CRISTINA RIVAS

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