NumNum is a website where you can order healthy, fresh and homemade meals done by passionate chefs in a hygienic kitchens. 

"Our aim is to give busy people the opportunity of eating fresh homemade food by our trained cooks, the food is fresh, tasty, clean and done in a hygienic environment. Instead of spending more money on unhealthy junk-meals focus on our food and save your extra cash and time. Plus you can donate money for cooks who need a specific cooking supply. In addition, you can go and take your ordered meal from any truck near you or order a delivery. You can apply to be a cook if you have the skills. We are not just another homemade food website, we will always make sure to give you the healthiest, freshest and most delicious meals."
Concept And Design: Jasmin Gamal and Celine Raffy
We don't own any pictures in the website. It's done for a university project.
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