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Mineral Cafe

 Located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mineral Cafe offers homemade food and beverages at their best and brings out home feels comforting, kind to the world, and delicious. They also serve quality coffee, milk tea, chocolate, and herbs.

Inspired by nature, we designed the brand with an organic approach. The identity is inspired by a mineral stone shape itself. The brand’s personality maintains contrasts from shapes, typography, and colors that create a homey cafe. We also put thought into the logo identity to create a strong image and accentuate the brand, while still giving a casual and welcoming look for the audience.
"This old house, like a mineral, is carved out to allow natural light and air to make their way in—breathing another kind of life inside. We removed the ceiling and doors and turned the wood frames into furniture you see around you. We let most things intact: the tacky wall faux-nature in relief? There. Through the process, we asked the house “it was once so tight and dark, are you seeing the sun and breathing safely now?” Imaginarily, of course. Because a house doesn’t speak. Or does it? But anyway, it is safe to be here. Let us be inside, along with our plants, the light, the air, and this moment." said Muhammad Kamil (Architect).

We did thorough research about how minerals are formed. In this case, we took an example from salt. Natirum Sodium Chloride (salt) is simply a combination result of a solidification between Natrium and Chloride, which results in NaCl. We try to connect the process of the merging between two particles into the idea of a cafe where many individuals can gather into one place, creating a relationship or community. 

In Geology and Mineralogy, a mineral or mineral species is, broadly speaking, “a solid chemical compound with a fairly well-defined composition and specific crystal culture, that occurs naturally in pure form”. This statement inspired us to come up with the name “Mineral”.
The transformation of the shape of a stone into the letter ‘M’, creating an iconic logo of Mineral. The 3 rocks represent Coffee, Market, and Space, and also the 3 owners of the cafe.
We arranged small stones in the shape of an alphabet, and make an image trace from it to create a logotype, giving an organic and natural feeling.
The concept of ‘upcycling’ is one of our purposes. So we try to use as much as residual building materials of the cafe to create the environmental signages. Starting from using old metal leftovers and stones, we try to keep in line with the direction and concept.
This table was upcycled out of wooden frames that were once used as ceiling frames and doors.
We use hologram, black and white foil hot stamp print to represent the variety of mineral stone colors.
3 business cards are used for its own purpose, grey for cafe, black for space, and white for market.
Stationery design for Mineral Cafe, we used eco-friendly materials such as craft & recycled paper, stone, and wood.
We have been thinking about ways to limit plastic usage. So we proposed the idea to use eco-friendly coffee cups to support sustainability.
We try to maintain a conscious way of living, but we still use plastic bottles for an easy and efficient takeaway order. By the end of the day, we try to do a campaign, educate and promote the consumers on how we can reuse the bottles in many ways.
The packaging for take-away orders are also eco-friendly, it consists of paper bags, meal containers, and plates. The materials used are kraft brown paper, white paper, clay, and cardboard, complete with the cafe’s identity printed on it.
Some details on the cafe’s collaterals, the brand’s logo imprinted on the plates.
We designed the uniform with natural color palettes to respond to the brand’s overall concept.
Creative Direction by Io Woo • Architecture by Muhammad Kamil • Branding and Graphic Design by Studio Woork • Copywriting by Alitia Zora • Studio Woork copyright © 2019. All rights reserved. 
Mineral Cafe

Mineral Cafe

Located at Jakarta, Indonesia. Mineral Cafe offers homemade food and beverages at its best and bring out home feels that are comforting, kind to Read More