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This website is a digital experience that allows the user to discover each constellation around the world. The idea was to create a immersive experience by creating an adaptive website. The user is in control of his own personal spaceship which enables them to navigate the website and explore the universe surrounding them.


After thinking the concept through with Timothée Roussilhe, we worked on the user experience. We tried to achieve the highest level of detail and create the best experience possible. When the UX-work was in place, I realised the art direction. I wanted to create something simple where every single detail was well considered and thought out.

The first step for the user is to discover their location on the planisphere.
 The website adapts to the users datas and triggers a custom experience.
The type of spaceship changes depending on your location.

The design of the website changes depending on the moment of the day, There are 2 versions, a day version and a night version.

The second step for the user is to discover which constellations he can see.
 The website adapts the position of the constellations depending on the location of the user and the seasons.
Using your spaceship the user can travel across the universe and discover the different constellations. When approaching a specific formation of stars, lines will connect the stars and form the constellation.
The user is able to see other active users. If you click on them you will see information regarding their current location.
 For example, in this image, you control the blue spaceship, which hails from Paris in France. You are seeing 2 online users. The yellow one hails from Sydney in Australia. By identifying the shape of the spaceship you know the other ship stems from the middle East (cf. image 6).
On the bottom of your screen you have a radar. This tool helps the user navigate through
the experience.
You can follow the position of the sun or the moon in the sky. The position indicates the time of day. When the night falls, the design changes to the night version.
You can also directly access to the next or the previous constellation without navigate
with your spaceship. You just have to use the left or the right arrows.
There are 10 sizes of stars. The stars subject to the gravity law.
There are some interactive elements to complete the experience.
     1. Falling star                                                     2. Blackhole                                          3. Astéroïde  

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Discover the constellations through a digital experience.