Leniwiec "The Road"
cd box design and illustrations
I designed and illustrated cd box for polish folk-punk band Leniwiec (this is a name of animal - a sloth) for their new LP entitled "The Road". Beside pieces done for outside and inside of the box, there was also four illustrations painted for the booklet, each one corresponding to the lyrics. 
This piece from the booklet is about some polish folks who droved drunk and had a hit and run accident, but that was fine cause saint Kristofer, patron of the drivers was there to take care of them. I just saw it like this st. Kristofer is guy for all the wet, cover the tracks work, you can always count on him so just drive.
Another one is made on an idea a bit stolen from Banksy, there was a line in the lyrics of a song that told us about all those wars, famine, floods and other disasters that are shown in every news just like a some tv shows.
Next was about people who's lifes are only online lifes, and the real world just don't need to exist for them, so I adapted this "brain in the jar" thesis for this one.
Finally the last one was about newborn child, song was very much religious-themed, about catholics who are in the huge majority in Poland and when parents choose not to baptize the child they become pretty much alienated in the society.
I just visualized this a bit like Orwell's 1984 world where all your steps are watched by priests.