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CARPA EP, Pedro Coelho Franklin
Music Packaging

Pedro Coelho Franklin is a Portuguese sound engineer known for his music production developing music and albums for music artists such as Pedro Mafama, Cire, Wedge, among others. Franklin desired to explore a more artistic and experimental approach
for his first independent release, an EP entitled CARPA, to create a responsive motion artwork to promote his first personal project, inaugurating his studio 'Karapassa Studio'

"We wanted to portrait the versatility, mobility and beauty of this specimen. Introducing it into an unlikely habitat dominated by typography, patterns, and animation; an idea that was carried over to analog and digital."
Francisco Modesto, Designer & Creative Director

Adapting to the environment, a breakdown of the concept

The debut title, CARPA, was inspired by an aquatic specimen universally known as 'carp', a freshwater fish that spread across all regions adapting to the most remote environments. We can say that there is an allegorical connection between this specimen and the project. A survival, versatile, and mobile character, just like Franklin.

With this, we decided to create an identity design that could translate these characteristics by inserting the specimen in an unlikely habitat dominated by typography, patterns, design, sound and animation. Even though the concept was translated into a prototype of an album, we only delivered the digital products which included an artwork and eight different 2D animated videos.

Translating Pedro Franklin’s music into a design product

With Franklin's insight, we developed a responsive design system in After Effects that could interact individually with each soundtrack creating an organic visual composition that saved more than 72+ hours of post-production work. In total, we created a teaser, a printed and digital artwork, a collection of animated videos for each of the eight tracks, and, a physical prototype of an album, all created from an unique responsive system.

Activation and PR reach

The project reached over ten thousand views on Franklin's network, promoting his studio, work and professional services. Currently, Franklin's has some independent appearances in music festivals, like Impulso Festival, and has an active audience of +1700 followers since his started this independent journey. 


Design/Photography/Animation: Francisco Modesto
Music/Audio: Tou¿

Special thanks to Pedro Coelho Franklin.

Thank you!
© 2018- 2020, Francisco Modesto

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CARPA EP, Pedro Coelho Franklin
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