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A new project for the river Olona. A thermal complex, museum and a library.

This is a joint project of 3 colleague students of architecture Vuk Djordjevic, Daniela Hoyos LIach and Vedrana Novakovic, for their 2nd year of master studies at the Politecnico di Milano university.

The project assignment was to realize a thermal complex and spa center on a very specific and undefined site located on the old axes and confluence of the river Olona with the Naviglio Grande river, in Milan, Italy. In order to give importance to the vertical axes going from Piazza Napoli to the confluence itself we decided to build our whole project on it. The complex consists of 3 buildings which are: The Tower or the archive/library, the water museum and finally the thermal center located at the meeting point of the 2 rivers. Before we jumped to the project we did a vast amount of historical and urbanistical analysis trough-out urbanistical models in scale of 1:1000 and 1:2000, where we confronted the size of our project with the surrounding area and then passed to a smaller scale model.
The river on the site is hidden and going underground but by doing some historical research and confronting old projects and pictures we decided to uncover the river and rebuild it as it already was 80 years ago.
The work is still in progress...

TYPE: University work

DESIGN: Vuk Djordjevic, Daniela Hoyos LIach, Vedrana Novakovic