Augmented Reality Smart fridge


I started the process with user research. I wanted to understand possible pain points and come up with 
requirements and features for the augmented smart fridge.
I conducted user interviews and talked with people about the way they use their fridge and organize food in their kitchen.

// Sketches

I started the process by sketching the interface and the different interaction patterns!

// Moodboard

The inspiration for these designs is based on different 3d materials, glass, dark marble, 
and huge contracts which help to see the design on all surfaces


// Workflow

I started to design all elements in Adobe Xd and adjusted them in Adobe Dimension to create a 3-dimensional interface. After that I imported all the elements in Adobe Aero to design the interface and add interactions.

// Design elements 

The design elements are able to rotate and provide further information. This action is triggered through clicking.

// Final Design

I placed the final prototype vertically on the outside of my fridge in the kitchen:


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Augmented Reality Smart fridge

Augmented Reality Smart fridge

AR Interface design with Adobe Aero This is an augmented Reality Smart fridge designed with Adobe Aero. Adobe helps you to design augmented reali Read More