L2 Communications Identity
A corporate identity package for professional communications consultant Linda Lee.
As the client has extensive experience in print, verbal, and new media communications stretching over a 25+ year career, she needed an identity which could meld modern and classical elements to display her wealth of experience and professionalism without giving an out-of-date impression. The font Times New Roman, in a classic "oak" green, was used to evoke her experience in print media and journalism. This was paired with the more modern look of Helvetica Neue, in an energetic blue, to evoke the modern application of her skills. 
Four curved lines radiating upward and forward from the "L" stand to represent waves, both literal in the form of sound waves as well as the rhetorical "waves" of understanding and reaction stemming from effective communication. 
The colour palette lent itself well to the business cards, for which I chose an attention grabbing vertical format.