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My Work During September
My work in September
this month I have exploredsome some other possibilites of "dried glue". 
This is the name I gave to a translucid layer made by leaving a puddle of white glue sitting on an acrylic plate for a couple of days (images above). Since that material is non-porous, it doesn’t absorb the glue and it is possible to peel it off once dried. The result is a rubbery translucid skin compatible with many different media like paint or spray.
In the first experiment below, besides a building section, I used nails heads sticking
out under the skin. I like the idea of metallic elements challenging the softness of
the glue. And also liked the equally spaced nails and the geometric drawing that
suggests that there is some invisible structure ruling the whole.
However, the yellowish background didn’t speak much to me, it’s too bland and
I realized the glue needed to be more loose to express its qualities. That is why, in
other attempt (image 3), I hanged several sheets against light. I liked the black solid
shape trapped inside and the nuances in the glue that created the grey areas,
which are the mid term between the transparent and the opaque. There are many
more possibilities here.
Some Details :

Apart from that, I have been using Montana Markers on Glossy Photo Paper exploring the contrasts between prints of soft gradients and rough marker strokes.
My Work During September