# Choose For Forest #
选 林 所 选


Client : WWF
Creative Agency : LxU


— Video —

The film is a combination of stop-motion animation and live action performance. By the high popularity and national reputation of Mr. Huang Bo, he read out a "Thank You Letter" from forest inhabitants in the film as a representative of human beings. The three scenes in the film are all set in the familiar daily life of consumers, thus making the audience realize that they have the right to choose. It is these small choices that will determine the future of the forests.


— KV Design —

Illustrations for WWF #ChooseForForest# campaign. We invited six animals as the spokesperson for the forests that they lived in, to express their appreciation for human beings who made favorable choices for forests.
We described two different forest in the illustrations: rainforest and savanna, carefully chose animal representatives of each forest and did our best to deliver the true appearances of the animals as well as the environments.
Wish the forests stay beautiful and alive!

为 WWF #选林所选# 倡议活动创作的一系列插画海报,由几位小动物出镜,作为森林的「发言人」,感谢所有对森林友好的选择。

— Icon Design —
— Making-of —

Creative Agency - LxU
Project Director - 李雨/Levi
Art Director - 魏婷婷/Una & 高蕴/Yun
Creative Director - 田振/Tarzan
Account Group Head - 滕阳/Nick
Account Manager- 英雄/YH
Copy Group Head - 张不蓝/Blur
Copywriter - 黄欣/Hana & 小燕/Yan
Design - 黄斯毓/Iris 
Illustration Group Head - 华原媛/O
Illustration - 华原媛/O & 林聪/lc
Design - 姜帆/Fan
Animation - 邓锐/DR.

Production 制作公司 - Stink Films
Executive Producer 监制 - Desmond Loh & 史恩齐
Director 导演 - Nieto
Paris Unit
DoP - Stephen Barcelo
1st AD - Louise Noir
Stop-Motion Animator - Victor Haegelin
Puppet Builder & Stop-Motion Animator - Lou Beauchard
Puppet Builder Assistant - Thais Sartorius
Wardrobe Design - Claire Pedot
Art Department - Marilou Chabert
Production Designer - Marcel Flores
Technical Assistant - Arman Montes
2D Animations - Katia Hochstetter
2D Compositing Graphic Artist - Damien Martin & Dan Rapaport
Music - Marco Suarez-Cifuentes
Bejing Unit
Production Manager 制片经理 - 大千
Production Coordinator 制作协调 - 白雪
Production Assistant 制作助理 - 杨健文
1st AD 副导演 - 史恩齐
Director of Photography 摄影指导 - 贺文强
Gaffer 灯光师 - 刑金峰
Sound 录音师 - 王倜
DIT & 云监片 - 胡志坚
现场服装助理 - 赵梦婷
场地 & 器材 - 北京明亮堂
#ChooseForForest# for WWF

#ChooseForForest# for WWF

Works for WWF #ChooseForForest# campaign. For illustration, we invited six animals as the spokesperson for the forests that they lived in, to e Read More