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there's nothing more frightfulthan machinegunners' hands

an advice for a child - escapefrom adults, escape

got eyes, got nothing to look at

the most important thing - to be able to bring each other to the condition of a dance

man is to man a bulletproof memory

there will be war tomorrow, comeon join the spark off

the soul began to feel itself aresult of a mistake. i can'tbeleive it but what is to bedone?

sunsets - another one stupidplanet's occupation

what is told in the internetdoesn't matter at all, after 40minutes crap only

be the samurai

transform everything at once

new language of art cries butdoesn't call for help. shaggyold men lol

this fuck face of moscow again,i should have stayed at hometoday

you are millions of commonpeople we are the watercoloursfestival for our selves

i was 15 and with a feeling thatevery face around can be yours

to live means something kindaovernight