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Ghost of Tsushima's Photo Mode Experience

Endless Photo Possibilities With Ghost of Tsushima's Photo-Mode

"Hell-Fire Fit for a Ghost" 
Exploring Ghost of Tsushima's photo-mode has been one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had in long time as a video game photographer.
In each play-through, the player is immersed into ancient Japan on the island of Tsushima where samurai fight with honor to prevent the impeding forces of the Mongol evasion. 

Right out of the gate, I noticed that this photo-mode has many advanced features that other game developers tend to overlook. Changing the time of day, wind direction & speed and weather conditions I was truly delighted at the potential that these tools provided.
"Confronting Death With A Blaze Of Glory"
In addition there's a superb real-time particle system adding variety and many filters & stamps to boot. 
These tools allowed me to create custom artwork & desktop wallpapers
Tracking Mode 
The Crown Jewel is the tracking camera mode that allows you to add key-frames to camera positions, depth of field & zoom to create cinema camera angles to essentially build little movie vignettes. I bring this up because since the beginning of my #virtualphotography career I've always wanted to simulate this action of combining photography with cinematic camera angles that paint a story, so I created a video series called #dynamicphotos. 

Traditionally my method of creating the cinematic camera angles was to do it manually on the joystick. Sometimes working on 1 camera angle for 20 to 30 times to get it right. 
 The tracking feature really opened Pandora's Box for me creatively and I'll let my work speak for itself.
It goes without saying that Sony First Party Studios always deliver a quality photo-mode experience, no doubt, but this one I feel, is setting a new standard for what photo-modes can and should be in the future.

Thanks for your time & appreciation! 

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Ghost of Tsushima's Photo Mode Experience

Ghost of Tsushima's Photo Mode Experience