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    Concept for social sharing visualization.
TED's mission statement "ideas worth spreading" points to an underlying reality about how the internet functions in society today. When a connected individual shares an online artifact, such as a provocative TED video, he or she participates in a chain reaction of information distribution.  However, this fundamental interaction between web users is largely hidden to us—it is impossible to understand the impact of our networked sharing behavior.  
TEDimpact is a concept that enables TED users to visualize their impact once they share a TED video. The product works by creating a unique URL parameter each time a video is shared by a signed in user. This enables TED to correlate subsequent video views and shares to specific users and display this data to the user in the form of generational graphs.
The purpose of this data visualization product is to encourage users to take a greater interest in their online sharing behavior, which ultimately supports TED's mission, "Ideas worth spreading".  
I had the opportunity to pitch this concept to the director of the ted.com. I received positive feedback and interest in moving forward with the project.