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design shop oooo.com.ua 
Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak has long experience in corporate design and creates unique authorship products for Ukrainian and foreign companies. But people often ask us whether we are going to make things for private connoisseurs of design highlights, for home use, something that you could get for yourself or as a gift, in a word, for people. That’s why we launched oooo.com.ua. We aimed at distancing ourselves from the industry of so-called mass “design” development and focusing on the qualitative ideas of Ukrainian origin.

name and loooogo
It was essential to create a graphically simple
name that iseasy to read (first of all, visually) and quick to remember. It is all about the way a certain name looks, not the way it sounds. The name itself defines the project’s Internet address which should be conveyed to the target audience as simply aspossible. It should be also equally perceived in Roman and Cyrillic fonts as well as graphic language.
So, we came up with
oooo.com.ua name, where “O” is an object, afascination and a display of emotion, and finally it’s a round or a circle which is one of the simplest basic figures. It is a constant basis for aninfinite number of developments in absolutely all spheres of design.

One of the main components of the
oooo.com.ua identification appears to be an original decorative font designed specifically for this project. We called it Gerdan as each letter looks like small beads that decorate, and even emphasizea connection between contemporary design and traditional Ukrainian arts and crafts.
Gerdan is a beaded necklace in a form of a narrow strip made of colored beads that are strung on a beading thread or hair base. They create colorful geometrical and sometimes floral ornaments.
For this moment we have only Ukrainian version of design shop oooo.com.ua but if you would like to ask or to buy something just mail us shopoooo@ukr.net