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    My personal identity.
Personal Identity
This is my personal identity. It is inspired by a buddhist mandala.

In buddhist tradition, the mandala is used for various meditative purposes. One such purpose is for the lesson of impermanence. Monks can spend weeks creating this complex geometric design with only coloured sand. Then once they are finished, they dismantle it; they sweep up the sand into a container and pour it into a nearby body of water so that the message can be released into the world.

The journey of the creative process is depicted through the use of the logo's simple forms. The circle in the centre represents the source of endless creativity. The innermost square—with its four connecting platforms pointing to north, south, east and west—signifies the structure of an idea within the mind breaking through form—the outer square—and spreading out into the world. The colour orange alludes to my birthstone.

I feel that artists follow a similar process to that of the buddhist monks. We spend hours creating something, making sure every detail is in order, only to let it go and hope that the intended message inspires others.