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ReVeal(Recognition , Vision and Learning) Systems is a research group that focuses on applied research in visual recognition computer vision and machine learning for solving large scale  real world complex problems. ReVeal is a community where AI enthusiasts and AI domain experts meet to produce the best AI professional in an open and collaborative space.​​​​​​​

ReVeal achieved this goal by implementing UX strategy via discovery session where users, their personas and company values & goals where identified to reach the vision in an efficient manner.
ReVeal branding was revamped to make it more authentic and transparent for its users. 

Process Overview

Company Core Values / Attributes

Top Company values where extracted from a goal setting stakeholder meetup (Discover session). Values are top values describing the brands culture, customers, brand's voice, Interaction/experience and impact that brand creates. Values helped later on to extract visual content from the web and the surrounding environment for mood boarding and ideation. Acting as anchors for visual design process.


User or customers in direct connection to reveal where identified , studied and mapped to design from the user perspective with company goals a guide principle .
Three archetypes where discovered. Some of the information discovered in the user experience strategy session is given as below:


Creation of mood boards / references for design based on the values and user type and needs extracted in discovery sessions. The full mood board can be found here


After the requirements gathering the a pre-identity/style sheets where crafted based on top values and user requirements.

Style 1 

Values: Performance ,Flexible ,Valuable
Rational: Designed based on the correlation of Reveal enhancing its students and members like   Neural Networks branch out info from a few nodes to many nodes as hidden layers.

Style 2 (Client's Selected Version)

Values: Vibrant ,Expert ,Visionary
Rational: The identity is designed based on the concept of the circular layers of blue transitioning to red and purple layers this being similar to the transition that students transitioning to industry experts undergo at Reveal. Layered structures are also synonymous to the data modelled in higher dimension being visualized in lower/human viewable dimension.





Based on the users , their journey and the information extracted before a site map was created to obtain a better user experience for the users.

Site Architecture

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing and Awareness goals decided in the strategy/discovery sessions where completed and reviewed based on the selected style.

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ReVeal(Recognition, Vision and Learning) Systems is a research group that focuses on applied research in visual recognition computer vision and m Read More