Herdades São Barão hold a few countryside properties mainly intended for hunting (rabbit, quail and boar),
as well as honey production and birdwatching.
The identity had to evoke not only the rural elements of these homesteads, but also their specific location
in Mértola, Portugal. This is due to the fact that the region is mountainous and unique to hunt in,
and that Herdades São Barão are very close with the local community.
Early Sketches
Logo elements
Logo construction
Left - Intended for medium to big sizes
Right - With inktraps, intended for smaller sizes
Horizontal lockup
Vertical lockup - Big sizes
Mood - Flora
Mood - Fauna
Sales folder and letter paper
Letter paper detail
Each one features a rabbit, a quail (seen here) and a boar - the animals present at São Barão
Envelope detail
Notepad, iPhone and CD
Business cards
Business card possibillities - Flora
Business card possibillities - Fauna
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