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The ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHPs) are protected areas of high conservation importance preserving in total a complete spectrum of representative ecosystems in the ASEAN region. These include natural/national parks, nature reserves, cultural sites and pre-historic sites.
To-date,  there are 32 AHPs distributed as follows: Brunei Darussalam – 1; Cambodia – 2; Indonesia – 3; Lao PDR – 1; Malaysia – 3; Myanmar – 7; Philippines – 4; Singapore – 2; Thailand – 4; and Viet Nam – 5.
The AHPs showcase unique areas and ecosystems, high ethno-biological significance and important areas for endangered or precious biodiversity resources. To recognize these AHPs from the other protected areas and help promote them as public attractions, there is a need for the AHP Programme to have a logo. The logo will serve as a form of recognition or trademark to pinpoint that the specific protected area is an AHP.