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A project for a new exhibition pavilion and space at the piazza Fontana in Milan, Itlay

This is a joint project of two colleague students of architecture Vuk Djordjevic and Vedrana Novakovic, for their 2nd year of master studies at the Politecnico di Milano university.
The project assignment was to realize an exhibition pavilion which will suit a variety of expositions and which will be flexible enough in terms of functionality to hold different types of exhibitions. The site location is Piazza Fontana, located in the very center of Milan, Italy. Before we jumped to the project in terms of design an exhaustive analysis was done of the surrounding area and the relation of the project with the old buildings and the old city. A simple yet elegant structure, mostly made of CORTEN steel perforated panels and glass is introduced at the very edge of the "non existing" piazza and by doing so a new boundary is formed. Defining the piazza and its surroundings in a better, architecturally defined space.
The first 2 levels of the building consist of a bookshop, restaurant, bar, library, offices and an entrance lobby which is leading to the exhibition space located in the last 2 floors of the building.
The last task of the project was to pick an artist and design a temporary exhibition within the newly designed space with his artwork inside. We picked Bernar Venet as his style and artwork suited best our project and interest.

TYPE: University work

DESIGN: Vuk Djordjevic, Vedrana Novakovic