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Digital Advertising Assets

Sincro, formerly CDK Global, ADP, Cobalt is a digital marketing company that provides website for car dealerships worldwide. During my time at the company, we have created a variety of custom images, brand-aligned assets and announcements for events and holidays.

Holden is my absolute jam! I spent 2016-2020 working as a SME and content designer for Holden dealerships.

Holden was a vehicle manufacturer based in Australia, under the GM brand. Founded in 1856 as a saddle maker in Southern Australia, they shifted into the automotive industry in the early 1900s.  In early 2020 it was announced that GM had decided to wind down production by 2021. I was part of the CDK Global/Sincro team that managed the majority of their websites

Holden Covid & Hours Assets

O.G.Roberts & Co Award Page

Holden Vehicle Spotlight Ads

Chevy & GMC Sales Assets

Body Shop Assets 

Fixed Ops are frequently a focus of dealerships, with many stores incorporating their own Body Shop. As a result, I have made my fair share of Bodyshop, Service & Parts assets for dealers.

Holidays are always important & targeted events at The Dealerships. From Seasonal Sporting Events (tm tm tm), and big celebrations to updated hours, Holiday Messaging and Big Sale Events, there is a need for every type of thematic asset. In this section you can see a mix of Holiday and Seasonal Assets for dealers from Australia's Holden and Many US Brands.

Spring Holidays

Dads, Grads & Summer Assets

Labor Day, Memorial Day & 4th of July Assets

Halloween Events

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & New Years

Christmas Assets

Digital Advertising Assets

Digital Advertising Assets