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IWA - Game UI & Assets
IWA - Innovative Way to Ask
IWA is a city-building game & serious game, aimed to community (city, metropolis, etc.).
It's a tool to help work in tandem with the citizens, in an innovative and playful way.

We had to come with a various list of assets, in order to have a generic game that can adapt to everyone needs. We couldn't make custom-made assets for every demand, I was time-consuming.

IWA is developed on Unity - All the assets needed to be isometric, with a certain angle.
I made all the assets during my 3 months internship at Digiworks.


To stimulate and develop participation in your public consultation, we have created a solution adapted to planners in which citizens can give their opinion on the project in question while having fun.

Thus, you will be able to communicate on your consultation in an innovative way while collecting statistics on the needs of citizens.

Empowering Citizens

IWA allows citizens to express their opinions and needs within the framework of town planning projects.

Through a game of personalized planning in the image of your project, users can imagine their space by promoting their vision of the territory.
The user adds, deletes, moves elements while respecting the constraints (budgetary, ecological, ...) included in the project specifications.

IWA helps inform and educate citizens about your planning issues.

IWA, has to be part of a context, for example, the creation of a park or a new living area.
I had to make some generic frame for the map, so, I made 3 versions.
Game Interface
I spent less time on the interface since I had no more time left to work on it.
The interface is pretty simple, and reminds of the older interface.
It's the first version I made, there were almost no iteration on it, unfortunately.
IWA - Game UI & Assets


IWA - Game UI & Assets