Qilive Fan Range 2021

The Qilive range fan is part of a durable and affordable approach. We have improved the ergonomic and visual aspect throughout the whole range. The products stand out from the market with their sleek design inspired by home interior. The product assembly and the interfaces have been simplified to improve the user experience. The products robustness and the reduction of their environmental footprint are also strengths in addition to their 3 year's warranty.
The approach

Based on user observations, tests and product reviews, we solved different problems related to the experience using the products like the complex interfaces, assembling of goods, materials and the lack of coherence within the range. We also focused on the way it is produced and how to optimize the manufacturing part, turning constraints into a durable and affordable approach optimizing the number of parts. A range of innovative and connected products that we had the chance to create from the first research until the final production stages. We focus our efforts on delivering quality with a very fair price for everyone.
The Qilive floor fan is part of a unique and durable family of products. It blends into a home interior just like a piece of furniture. The main idea was favoring a better distribution of the cold air that accumulates on the floor bringing fresh air into the entire room. Its user interface has been treated in a minimalist and intuitive way with its three different speeds. Easy to assembly and disassembly which make it useful for cleaning and storage. With a durable approach, manifesting by its minimalist design, its three vertical adjustments and its homely appearance is underscored by the use of wood from sustainably managed forests.
The Qilive digital fan made technology affordable for everyone. The motor housing is mounted with a touch control panel to offer a wide range of functionalities. The body rods can be connected or removed to switch from a stand fan to a table fan thanks to its modular system. The Fan is durable, manifesting by its minimalist design and the use of recycled tires for the bottom part.
The Qilive smart fan offers a premium experience thanks to its 12 progressive speeds and its silent performances. It adapts perfectly to each of your moments of life. Featured with its 3 modes - Eco, Night and Natural wind, it offers a pleasant night experience using a 5 blades propeller which reduces wind resistance and creates an efficient airflow. Additionally it has adjustable brightness and the ambient temperature can be displayed on the product.
As a connected fan, the user can control everything thanks to its app like the oscillation function and a timer up to 8H. This fan is durable, its engineering has been a real challenge to cover 50,25m3/min for an efficiency of 1.11m3/min/W. The combination of its simple volumes and the contrast of premium materials such as aluminium and fabric emphasizes its strong visual impact. A design-to-cost approach has been implemented to reduce its environmental footprint. Easy to assembly and disassembly, The Qilive smart fan is useful for cleaning and storage.

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