For a tale written by Carina Cevallos.
I recieved a request from a friend of mine, writer, who was attempting to launch some new children's literature, and she wanted me to create a concept design for her main character of the tales she already had, a little girl called: Nina. 
First, I ask her for a description of the character.
She wanted her to be a brave, optimistic and imaginative little girl, full of energy and stories to tell.
And in this tale, she has to deal with a very friendly monster with six arms and three eyes.
Below, the concepts for 'Nina' and the monster.
Nina: I want her to look in a very simple line, with very simple clothes to have more movility and expressions.
The monster: I needed to make a friendly monster. Without getting away from the idea of being a strange creature, he has to be very good looking and happy. 
The next move, was to make a little sketch of the layout for the pages.
I made some drawings to make myself an idea of what I was going to draw and paint.
Below, the illustrations in the final stage of colors. I created, with some tips from my friend Jossie Lara, a water coloured style, made entirely of digital painting.
It was very funny to make this artworks for a book. Enjoy them.