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    A survey of a variety of fictional swords from favorite tv shows, movies and video games.
Cloud's Buster from Final Fantasy VII.
Conan's Atlantean Sword. 
King Leonidas' Spartan sword from 300. 
Bilbo's Sting from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Looks like there are Orcs nearby...
He-Man's Sword of Power.
Finn's Adventure Time Sword.
Klingon Bat'leth for all you trekkies out there. 
Soul Edge from the Soul Caliber series of games. 
The Bride's Hatori Hanzo sword from Kill Bill.
Diamond Minecraft Sword.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gear. Cowabunga dudes!
Link's Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda games.
Lion-O's Sword of Omens from Thundercats.
The Skeksis Ceremonial Haakskeeka sword, from one of my favorite childhood movies, The Dark Crystal.
And of course, Luke's Lightsaber.
And a poster of the group for good measure.
Thanks for looking!
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