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    Can2ienova Design
Self Branding and Identity
Can2ienova Design is a project that conveys all kinds of art, For this reason the main concept came from the phrase called "the journey of the soul" (Resan I Själen: in Swedish), to emphasize the time when every person makes his own path to discover something new,  The Journey of your own life as you see it, Therefore Can2ienova is inspired by the art of the space and the freedom of the imagination.
The main logo represents the unification and the initials of the name (Can2ienova) "C2", and the rhombus connects these initials. also the different colors attain the protection of these two.
As can be seen Can2ienova Design is  a brand on which the main objective is to show the beauty of the art and limitless imagination,  through several techniques, materials and ideas to express feelings and stages of life.