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    This is my drawing I did for the RISD bicycle assignment
I made this drawing using graphite pencils. The prompt I had from RISD for this assignment was to draw a bicycle. I decided to add some creativity to the prompt. When I read it, I read the word bicycle as two separate words, being "bi" and "cycle". I interpreted this as two cycles which correlate with the two wheels of a bicycle. So, in my drawing, I put a bicycle and in each wheel put two life cycles. One life cycle goes from the birth of a human to young adult. The other life cycle goes from a young/middle aged adult to elderly individual. The person riding the bicycle is in between the two life cycles and is a young man. Basically, the man's life is shown on the bicycle. Meanwhile, he looks off into the distance at the life cycles of things around him. For example, he sees a tree growing taller and bigger and the universe beginning with supernovas and explosions and ending with stars, planets, galaxies, and black holes.