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    A little portfolio roundup. Just random works i did recently.
Portfolio Update 2013.
It's already been a busy and fun year for me. Lots of awesome new projects and I've met a lot of great people. With Behance, I was able to present my works to a broad audience, land some awesome project and to find new inspiration everyday. Check out some of my recent projects, artworks and branding marks. Open for comments, feedback, critiques and love.
Oh, and I recently got myself a new website. Don't hesitate to give it a visit:
My new personal logo. It's a J+E Monogram:
Logo for Avito Webshosting: 
Logo for Vertaalkantoor Motshagen (Translation Company). It's a V+M Monogram: 
Logo for Avito Webshosting. 
'S' mark: 
Raccoon icon:
Sunny Origami: 
'B' linework for a mark:
Heart icon:
Infinity Love icon: 
BeConncected logomark:
Belsimpel.nl logo proposal:
Origami experiment: 
BeConncected logomark one color:
Logo proposal for a Dutch Software Company:
ColorShield logomark:
Fusionz logomark:
Origami logo experiment: 
Unused logomark concept:
'N' logomark:
Butterfly Effect mark:
Andy Warhol artwork print:
Thanks for checking out my works!
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Also, don't hesitate on checking out my new website: