This is my final project I did in my MA Concept Art for Game and Animation at Teesside in 2013. The title of this project is Concept Artworks for 2D cartoon animation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
I chose the 4th book, 'Goblet of Fire' from Harry Potter series as my project material, created a series of concept artworks such as character designs, prop designs and a colourscript intending to produce a 2D cartoon animation for children.

The Idea
I would like to produce works that would inspire children and grow their imagination. Not only that Harry Potter is my most favorite novel that I could put my passion into this project but this Harry Potter book also have many elements that childrean would enjoy with its adventurous stories. Its fantasy genre also suite my developing style which is a cartoon styised that all I had to focus is imagination, I didn't have to concern much about realistic stuffs.
The Project Cover
Project's character Design

A colourscript is a serie of drawings that concept artists using colour as a tool to express each film's scenes emotion. A colourscript is normally presented frame by frame to let the producer could see the whole film's mood in one single image. It also shows how the mood transfer from one scene to another scene. You can see a colourscript in any Pixar's "the art of" artbooks.
In this project, I chose about 20 important scenes from the book and used colour to express ecah scene's mood.
The Project's colourscript
Colourscript slideshow

In this project, I also presented my colourscript in a slideshow format. With sound and some animation would let the audience or the producer could understanding the mood and feeling of the whold animation better

What I have learnt

This project gave me an opportunity to express my own visual of this book and share some new perspective to the book's reader or fan-based.
I learnt about the adaptation from the complex novel to another media. It was not only about making them entertain children but also make the children understand the story easier.
There are many things need to improve and work on further. However, there are some knowledge and techniques I learnt from this projcet in term of designing character and using colours that develope some confidence and potentail in me.
The artbook cover
You could take a look at the character designs and key moments of this project in my portfolio

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