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30-Second Soap

Soap and water can save lives.
The World Health Organization has stated that washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. As part of their guidelines to effectively combat Coronavirus infections, the WHO recommends that people wash their hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds. However, research carried out by health authorities has found that people fail to wash their hands effectively 97% of the time – unknowingly leaving them at risk of infection.
‘30-Second Soap’ is a self-timing soap designed to completely dissolve after 30 seconds of vigorous use - precisely how long you need to wash to make your hands clean and safe. A simple to use, one-wash soap that takes the guesswork out of how long you should wash your hands - providing users with a practical, educational demonstration of proper handwashing timings to keep both themselves and others safe.
Each 30-Second Soap is individually packaged to prevent potential contamination before use. In keeping with Lush’s commitment to producing environmentally friendly products, 30-Second Soap’s packing is 100% recycled and utilizes biodegradable paper and soy-based inks – meaning that over time the product will break down into natural elements like carbon dioxide and water vapor. Our print partners hold the FCS/PEFC certification, which means our operations have been rigorously inspected and certified in the audit trail of tree to printed product.
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30-Second Soap