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    A tour of 2 months in the summer fields of my adjacent countryside.
There is nothing more permanent than a glimpse. Dazzling light, immense colors, clear lines. Thats all it takes. Summer fields, a 2-month trip to a so familiar place where time and space flood every image.
Human presense interacts with the scenery affecting eachother  inescapably.
Balance overwhelms the eye, strong sunlight makes everything clear and powerful. Landscape pushes you to align with it.
Vigilant watchers of the countryside searching for food, blend in effortlessly with the environment.
And then you take a step back and look more carefully. Another world unveils. Microcosmos.
Explosion of colors, patterns and life. Strange shapes and forms under the allways present sunlight.
Sun goes down, shadows are cast. Another day, another night. Standstill and passing.Time plays tricks here showing his duplicity.
All photos in better size and resolution can be found in my flickr account here.