Residential complex "Zagorodny kvartal"
Residential complex <Zagorodny kvartal>
Microdistrict Klyaz'ma-Starbeyevo, Khimki, Moscow Region
Apartments living houses, townhouses, infrastructure.
Period: 2012 – 2013
The residential development of the territory is planned taking into consideration the local relief and planning design of adjacent territories. Consequently, the number of storeys is increasing from the east towards the west, starting with 2-3 storeys of individual houses and ending with 7-storeyed apartment buildings of tower type built up along the district road. These buildings are paired up, each of the pairs has an united underground car park (garage). Space between the buildings is improved and occupied by children playgrounds and rest places for adults.  The central part of the project territory is occupied by four sectional buildings with different number of storeys, i.e. 4-7 storeys. These buildings are paired up and united by an underground car park (garage), thereby forming the safe inner yard space. In parallel with them, on the other boulevard side, the 4-5-storeyed section buildings are situated. Their yard territories are arranged on the same principles.
      The low-storeyed individual buildings occupy the east part of the land plot. These are 46 town-houses of four types. Each town-house has got an own land plot as an improved yard territory and garage shed.
     All the residential territory is united by the public center zone with the children sport and play grounds and adults’ rest places arranged thereon. Beside, the ground storeys of buildings No. 17 and 18, wherein the built-in cultural and household service premises are placed, are faced directly towards the public center zone. On this territory, it is provided for a place to organize an open-air café (summer season).  
All the residential buildings are equipped with the necessary infrastructure: improved territories, good approach roads, sufficient number of guest car places and permanent parking for the residents’ cars.
My role:
• Protection of client's interests;
• Supervise and inspect of design process and incoming documentation;
• Attend site meetings with different parties, resolve technical problems on site.;
• Optimization and improvements of earlier adopted design decisions;
• Liaison with the Subcontractors, control that all design works carried out in accordance to approved solutions and was complete within schedule time;
Total  site area: 114,98 ha;
1st building stage area: 20,8 ha;
Apartments Total: 67,940 m², including:
- Multi- apartment housing: 56,080 m ²;
- Individual housing: 11,860 m ²;
Population: 1,568 people;
Investors & Developers: 
RDI Group (
Limitless (
General masterplan concept: Calthorpe Associates (
General Design: Royal Haskoning (
Palmira Group (
RD Construction Management (
Local Designers & Engineering:
MaviProject (
Genproject Ltd. (
Residential complex "Zagorodny kvartal"

Residential complex "Zagorodny kvartal"

The residential development of the territory is planned taking into consideration the local relief and planning design of adjacent territories. C Read More

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