Near Zero is a non-profit organization founded to increase the frequency and value of dialogue between energy experts and those who make and influence energy-related decisions in government and business. Near Zero initiates, moderates and synthesizes transparent online discussions among the foremost experts from industry and academia.

Near Zero is about progress. The best way to achieve meaningful results is to bring great minds together in order to move the best ideas forward. When Dave Taylor and I took on the project we immediately set a goal to capture the idea of this conversation as well as illustrate its' progressive nature. To achieve this we used the convergence of two face icons forming an arrow. Using the finished icon I created a custom typeface, process illustrated below.
GRACE is a powerful tool that combines the world's leading researchers and specialists with patients and care givers—directly. It's the highest form of patient empowerment: the real science with professional translation and feedback from the world's leading Dr's directly to people so they can make better informed choices in their treatment.

Grace had out grown its old information systems and aesthetics. They needed new branding to position them as the powerful, helpful, credible community resource they had become for donors, faculty, and of course, caregivers and those fighting cancer.

One of the challenges in this project revolved around finding the best way to represent GRACE using a medical icon. GRACE needed something accessible yet authoritative. Many options were generated the three below were among the top four options presented to the GRACE team. As a result of our discussions with the client we chose the serpent and staff symbol for it's rich history and ease of recognition.
Identity development is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects a designer can work on. Creating a mark that conveys a clear message with a unique and memorable icon or typeface requires incredible attention to detail as well as a deep understanding of a companies' mission. Below are various identities I have made over the past few years.