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    The cartoons I make while hearing to concerts, conferences or meeting interesting people in my life. Done using my iPad and some apps.
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Going to events has become more social
Since April 2010, the month I received my iPad, the way I attend events (talks, concerts and similar events) has changed, since now I can sketch the people in front of me and, even before they step down the stage, I can share my images with the world.

This has opened doors, made new friends and expanded my network. I love to work this way, because my lines fly all over the world and don't stay in my sketchbook. And also, they become tokens of the amazing opportunities life has given me, as well as personal cards, the moment the model in my drawing receives the piece in his mail.

Tools used have been my iPad and ArtRage, Brushes and SketchbookPro. I draw with a Pogo Stick, my fingers and, more recently, a Griffin Pen.
Alessandro Baricco / Italian writer and essayist
Andrew Savikas / From O'Reilly
Ben Huh / American book publisher
Bob Stein / Founder of the Institute for the Future of the Book
Brian O'Leary / American piracy analist
Ernesto Martinez / President of the Bolivian Book Chamber
Evo Morales / Bolivian President
Germaine Greer / British Feminist thinker
Gonzalo Aloras / Argentinian musician
Guido Indij / Argentinian book publisher
Gus Balbontin / Lonely Planet digital leader
The 5 TOC 2011 Ignite speakers
James Bridel / British book analyst
Jeff Gomez / Transmedia creator (Jack Sparrow's "dad")
Juan Carlos Rulfo / Mexican cinematographer