Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund
I’ve been selected as one of 2020 Adobe Recipients for the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund. As such, I’ve been commissioned to create three illustrations, based on a theme of my choosing, to be created in Adobe Fresco.

As a Latin-American artist, I seek to explore my culture through my work. Being from Honduras, I found it thrilling to portray depictions of three different gods from the Mayan culture, a Mesoamerican civilization from pre-columbian times.​​​​​​​

Ix Chel
Mayan goddess of the moon, medicine, fertility, water and war. A dual god seen as both a beautiful young maiden, and as a wise old woman.

For my interpretation, I encompassed the contrast between both dualities of the same goddess, in a surreal setting, showcasing their powers.

Chac Bolay
Mayan god that represents the passage of the sun through the Underworld. His form symbolizes power and strength and his fur, his dominance over the cosmic forces of day and night.

For my interpretation, I wished to focus on his celestial body, wandering the Underworld, surrounded by the souls that inhabit it. 

Messenger between the gods and the Mayans, in the shape of a feathered serpent. He is a divinity associated to Venus and can wield water and wind.

For my interpretation, I decided to enhance his jaguar features, while also boasting of his power with an electrical storm, lighting up the sky.

During this residency I have learned to create compelling illustrations through the use of the powerful painting and drawing program Adobe Fresco. By using live and regular watercolor brushes, alongside simple drawing pencils and masks to organize myself,
I explored my chosen theme in a way I felt I grew as an artist. 
© Cleonique Hilsaca
Thank you.
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Mayan Gods - Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund