To be able to visually depict the same story another artist is expressing through sounds is one of the most fun project to do. Here is my understanding of Sandunes album Ever Bridge.
Ever Bridge for Sandunes represents the haziness of boundaries and the consequent amalgamation of spaces, places, people and mediums. A process that is never ending - a reflection of her experiences (personally and professionally). The concept behind her music is to bridge gaps as a metaphor to induce growth. Sandunes’ collaborated with artists from the South Asian sub-continent (and beyond) to create different pieces of artwork for the album. In collaboration with the Wolves, this album launch tour will feature visual mapping in conjunction with various lightweight suspensions to depict ideas that resonate with the concept behind the project.

"I genuinely have an innate need to fill gaps that are beyond my auditory capacity,” she goes on to admit. “I’ve composed tracks or different pieces of the album, and I have looked for artists across South Asia and potentially in the West as well who would be able to graphically represent them. I’m collaborating with artists like Asma Javeri (Pakistan), Hriday Nagu (Dubai) and Newman D’sIlva (Mumbai) to name a few.”
| Sandunes | Ever Bridge | Sanaya Ardeshir
Album Cover for art bank: All the pieces from different artists together.